And so after almost 20,000 miles on the road my trip from London to Cape Town came to an end and acted as a perfect conclusion to a wonderful ten months on the road across South America and Africa. I’ve had an incredible time and loved every minute. I’ve learnt more about myself and the wonderful big wide world out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing some of my adventures through the blog. Your support has been amazing and really inspired me to continue with it, something I thank you all for. I’ve written a short epilogue to my African trip and hope you enjoy it.  Click here to see it.

Anyone that knows me will be very familiar with my inherent wanderlust and my inability to shake it off. Thus, feel free to come back to this website in the future where I’ll aim to put pictures and videos up of some of the other crazy adventures that I’m already planning!

All my love,

Mike and Himba

She's still in Africa waiting for the next adventure! Watch this space...